Matt Papa: Where is the Difference

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Hello, my bride, how are you doing?
It's been a while 'cause you've been busy
Idols have turned your heart from me
Oh, my hands and feet
My love, how can it be?

Body of Christ, more like a whore
You love this world and you call me Lord
I shed my blood for your sins
The ones you're living in
When are you gonna repent?

Do you still love me?
Yeah 'cause it don't really show

Oh, where is your heart?
You say that you're set apart
Well, if you really love me
Where is the difference?

Light of the world, why aren't you shining?
Salt of the earth, have you become tasteless?
Fragrance of mine in the world
But not of the world
No you're not of this world

Oh, where is the light?
The hope that you're hoarding inside
Well, if you really love me
Then where is the difference?

If you love me, keep my commands
If you follow me, deny yourself
If you love this world, then you don't love me
If you are lukewarm, then you make me sick

If you don't speak, how will they know?
If you don't preach, how will they believe?
If you don't go, how will they call my name?
Oh, I long for them to call my name
But you gotta go, you gotta go, you gotta go

Yeah it's up to you now, it's up to you
Oh, my hands and feet yeah, it's up to you
Yeah, the victory's sure but I've chosen you now

So go into all the earth
Declaring the Father's love
Well, if you really love me
then why don't you share it?
Oh, where is the difference?
Oh, where is the difference?
Is there a difference?