David Dunn: Yellow Balloons

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God, what were You doing?
What were You doing here?
I know that You are moving
But right now it's less than clear

'Cause the world just got darker
'Cause a little light went out
And we'll try to hold it together
But it's hard to do that now

So we'll cry on her birthdays
As days turn to years
We beg for Your wisdom
Can't go on without You near
Cause our beautiful girl
Left the world
Left the world

Little hands and crazy hair
Little kisses on my ears
Barely more than simple words
Two years old

And Your Heaven, God, is distant
Just too far away
And it hurts to watch
As yellow balloons
Fly away
Fly away

So we cry on her birthdays
And wish that we knew
Why You took her to Heaven
So soon

And we beg for Your presence
We beg for more of You
'Cause our beautiful girl
Left the world
Left the world