Amy Grant: If I Have to Die

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Do you have a heavy heart
'Cause you try to play the part
Of a life that you don't know and now it's scaring you?

'Cause you're saying all the right words
But no one's ever heard
The voice that's crying out inside your heart

Saying please don't make me die for you
I've gotta make you see
That there's a part of me I never want to lose
But if I have to die for you
Somehow let me see
That you're more than words
I need a glimpse of you

But it's Sunday church again
And the habit to pretend
Is stronger than you knew, look how it's ruling you

But it's friends you try to blame
Oh I've done it just the same
'Cause it's easier than answering to Him

You think that they're playing games
They leave and never act the same
And you don't want a part of their show
Yes you think there's something more
But not inside these holy doors
Well, what are you looking for?

Yes we have to die for Him
That's the struggle that you see
'Cause it's the hardest thing you'll ever have to do
But no it's not impossible
He's been waiting so long for you
But don't be afraid 'cause He knows the pain
Because He had to do it for you
For you