DeGarmo & Key: Every Day A Celebration

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May God bless you and keep you
As we each go our own way
May the grace of God surround you 'til He comes
And until that day is near
May your hearts be free from fear
With every day a celebration of His love

I pray that light that comes from Jesus
Never leaves your smiling face
May it light the way for others 'til He comes
And until we see that day
We shall give our lives away
With every day a celebration of His love

And when we finally see Him
He'll take our tears away
Together we will praise Him
Together celebrate

As I sing this exultation
Write these words upon your heart
Every day is ours to serve Him 'til He comes
And to this world's surprise
From the dust we'll someday rise
With every day a celebration
Every day a celebration
Every day a celebration of His love

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